Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Words

“Henri,” Justin said swiftly, giving Henri a concerned look. “I really think I ought to stay with you. I mean... look who Aidan brought with him.”

Toby felt everyone turn to stare at him and he looked away. Did he constantly need to be reminded of who he was? “Of course I do,” Henri replied. “Aidan brought with him his son, Toby and his friend Finnean.”

“Are you telling me that you don’t see-

Henri lifted his hand, cutting off Justin’s words. “What I see are three people who are in need of a hot cup of tea and some rest. We can always discuss the circumstances of their visit later. In the meantime, your responsibility is to Laurie. I’ll make certain everyone else is settled.”


The thought came fast and confused from Finn. Toby glanced over at his friend to see the almost panicked expression on his face. “We aren’t staying,” Finn said frantically. “We can’t be! Gabe is out there. What if Luna and Harp don’t make it in time? What if they need our help?”

He turned to Aidan and Toby could see that Finn’s panic was working it’s way into a full blown hysterical outburst. “You,” he said, pointing an accusing finger at Aidan. “You promised that we would go after them. That we would get Henri’s help and follow them.”

“Calm down,” Aidan said. “There’s no reason to get upset.”

“Of course there’s reason to be upset!” Finn nearly shouted. “Gabe still has the Pearl! You said that it would kill him. If we’re not going after him with help then I’ll go after him myself. I’m tired of waiting. My brother is in danger and I have to-”

“Finn. Be quiet!”

Silence filled the room and it took Toby a moment to realize that the words had come from his own mouth. A strange, docile expression crossed over Finn’s face as he turned to Toby. It’s the bond, he thought sadly. He’s waiting for me to give him a command.


Henri watched the two boys closely, noting the strange behavior. It wasn’t difficult to see that events were back in motion. “Why don’t you three come with me into the parlor. Justin and Laurie have other things to do. Perhaps then you’ll be able to tell me what has been happening since last we spoke.”

“It’s a long story,” Aidan sighed.

Henri smiled. “I have plenty of time.”

Word Count: 8022

The end is close in sight! Not for the story but for my word count. I think I have a good start, although in May I might begin a brand new project just to see how far it will get me. It's not the story, it's me. I need a break - take a breath from the characters and story line. I need to remember why I love them and to stop thinking that the story could be good if only I was a better writer. I need to stop thinking too far ahead and living in the end result instead of enjoying the journey to get there.

All insecurities aside, it was a good day of writing complete so I'll chalk it up as a win.

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