Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Normal

There was one object that caught Toby’s eye. It didn’t look like much at first glance but Toby felt drawn to it. It was a small pendant on a chain laying on a small table. It was difficult to see as the table was covered in bits of colored stone in an ornate mosaic but Toby could make out the pendant even from a few feet away. It called to him, much as the Pearl had the first time he had entered the wizard’s house. But it was different this time - the voice that called him was far more soothing than before.
Toby took a step towards the table before he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head to see Finn staring at him oddly. Don’t touch that. I have a bad feeling about it.
It was Finn’s voice in his head. It wasn’t the first time that he heard another’s thoughts that didn’t belong to him. It was strange how normal it was becoming that he didn’t think twice to answer Finn.
It’s not the same as the Pearl. The pendant feels different.
The expression on Finn’s face, however, wasn’t what Toby expected to see. The other boy’s mouth dropped open and he stammered. “Did you...” he started, completely bewildered. Toby didn’t have time to explain. There was a loud bang and a door in the back of the shop opened wide, smoke spilling out into the shop.

Word Count: 5465

Ooo, a stretch today! But it still works so I'm not going to split hairs. Normal works well, especially because it's something that Toby won't ever feel again at least not in the way he expects.

Thank you for all of your comments! It's incredibly encouraging to see that people are following along. This is a new endeavor for me and so far I'm seeing only positives. And while I may not reach the ultimate CampNaNo goal - I'm still calling it a success. I'll just keep writing every day and hit 6k tomorrow, I think I can, I think I can.

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