Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Ice Cream

A tub a frozen sweet cream was in the back and he pulled it out, a wide and wonderful grin on his face. This was what he had been missing all along. Nothing - nothing - could cheer him up more than ice cream.
            He pulled open the cabinets before he found the one that held the spoons and popped open the lid. “I hope this is as good as I remember,” he murmured to himself before he scooped a large spoonful into his mouth.
            The moment the sweet vanilla taste touched his tongue he was in heaven. It wasn’t just as good as he remembered; it was better. He closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the simple pleasure. He hadn’t tasted ice cream like this in years and instead of bringing back painful memories, all the cold treat did was lift his spirits and make him smile.
            Luna hadn’t expected to walk into her kitchen to find Harp grinning in bliss. When she saw what it was that made him so very happy she laughed, placing her hand over her mouth to stifle the sound. Of course it would be ice cream that would bring out the Cat she had loved so very much. And he could still smile - that was important to see. No matter what happened in the past she was glad to see that he was still able to smile.
            Harp heard her giggle and dropped the half-empty carton on the table, a sheepish look on his face. He licked his lips (not wanting to waste a single drop) before he cleared his throat, wondering if there was a way he could explain this without looking more foolish than he already did. “I … was hungry,” he finally said.

Word Count: 3799

Yesterday, you met Harp. Today, meet his favorite food! CampNaNo is going at a crawl. I still intend on pressing on but as it's April 10 and I'm rather far behind I may have to settle for a goal of around 10-15,000 words. Still good, considering the month I am having.

Again, thanks for all the support! I really do appreciate it even if I've been a bad blogger and haven't done much hopping these past few days. I have a few free nights coming up so expect to see me around.

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