Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Donegall

The capital city of Donegall was divided into sections, each dedicated to one of the Four gods. A statue of each graced the open gates, protecting the city in case of attack. It had been years since the gates had been used and the statues themselves showed signs of their age. Many who passed beneath their outstretched arms rarely gave the statues any thought - the identity of the stone monoliths were lost to time.
Beneath the arms of Taia, the child, was a ivy covered door. It was a nondescript door, easily looked past and forgotten to those that had little business to be there. But to those in the know, the door contained a very special stronghold. The door remained locked and only a select few that knew the password could convince the ivy to release it’s iron grip and allow the person entrance. Once inside, the person could disappear without detection. It was used by many over the years for a variety of purposes - good and bad. The current password holders could not proclaim to be either but only observers, watching and waiting for the best moment to strike.

Word Count: 2243

I've changed the capital city in my world! I like Donegall better, although this means I must go back and edit the first book to fit. One of the benefits of not publishing the first book yet means I have more wiggle room and I can fix any continuity errors that pop up. Still a bit behind in my word count but I figure as long as I continue to write every single day, no matter what I end up with at the end of April it will always be more than April First.

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