Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Justin

The pack erupted into peals of laughter. Justin fought the urge to shrink back.
“One move,” Andel said, holding up a single finger once the pack had quieted down. “That’s all you get. If you can defeat me in one move then you will have earned your place with us. But, if you fail...”
Andel’s voice trailed off but Justin didn’t need words to know what it would mean should he fail. Any claim he might have to be apart of the elite would be forfeit and his life would belong to whoever had bested him. It was the risk that a lower status pup would take when challenging someone higher than himself. It was his right by blood to be a part of Andel’s inner circle but if he failed, was he prepared to live with the consequences?
“I won’t fail,” Justin said, his voice filled with determination. It was too late to back down now. He only wished at the other Wolves would cease looking at him as if he had already lost.

Word Count: 3799

I really like this bit today. Justin is another of my favorite characters and I really like how he's being portrayed here. As far as CampNaNo it's had to go on the back burner. I'm writing a little bit each day but with school work, the play, and now with working with my son's school as he transitions from Kindergarten to First Grade, well, it leaves little time to truly sit down and focus on my writing.

But those days happen. I knew going into it that April was going to be a tough month which is why it's a challenge. I may not meet the ultimate goal but I intend to press on. Plus, I'm really enjoying what is coming out of the little bit I do write. That's better than writing just to hit a word count.

I'll be posting at a normal time tomorrow so tune in tomorrow for K-day!

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  1. Great cliffhanger. You definitely have me intrigued to find out more.


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