Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Lamb

The shops were odd, making it all the more clear that they had left the human part of the city and entered a different realm. Places that seemed almost normal if it weren’t for a few well placed words such as Han’s Butcher Shop: Raw Rabbit - ask for a free sample inside.
“You don’t think they actually eat it raw, do they?” Finn asked.
Toby shrugged. “If they are Wolves I wouldn’t put it past them.”
Finn wrinkled his nose. “I don’t know how they could do that.”
“Just because you can’t think to stomach raw meat doesn’t mean everyone shares your temperament,” Aidan said. “I’m sure they’d feel just the same about the way you enjoy chocolate.”
“Given the choice between raw rabbit and chocolate, I’m taking the chocolate every time,” Toby pointed out.
“A wise choice.”
Toby turned, startled at the unfamiliar voice. It was the man’s smile that he noticed first. It was an amused turn of his lips, as if the man had been expecting them for quite some time now. The hair at his temple was greying but he didn’t appear any older than his early thirties. His blue-grey eyes, however, seemed to hold far more secrets than any man had a right to know.
“Henri,” Aidan said, walking over to shake the man’s hand. “I thought your shop was farther down the street.”
“It is. I’m just here picking up a bit of lamb for dinner,” Henri  said, winking at the two boys who were looking apprehensive. “I cook it first, however. You don’t have to worry about any raw meat tonight.”

Word Count: 4325

That wraps up this week! Tomorrow I'll be posting a Sunday Wrap-Up and Monday continues the A to Z madness. I'm glad that even though this week has been incredibly busy I've still managed to increase my word count. By Monday, I should be at the 5k mark. Not a lot, but more than the beginning of the month. I still call that progress.

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