Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Ugly

“You are assuming that Seth is going to play by the rules. Knowing him, he has a card up his sleeve to keep him from following through with the deal,” Finn said with a frown. “The guy is a bastard. I’m going to guess that you have a plan B?”
            “Of course,” Gabe winked at them. “What good is a plan A without a plan B? We do have some leverage, considering he sought me out and the buyer will have his head if he doesn’t deliver on time. If it turns ugly, distract the goons and run. We’ll meet on the roof three buildings down.”
            “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were enjoying yourself,” Toby snorted.
            “Of course he’s enjoying himself,” Finn agreed. “Do you know my brother? He’s not happy unless the world is on the verge of falling and will only be saved by a last ditch effort completed by Gabriel.”
            “It’s part of my charm,” Gabe insisted. “And girls love it.”
            “Oh really?” Finn laughed. “When was the last time you had a girl around to even hint that she fancied you? I think maybe you were knocked on the head instead of Toby.”
            “Again, I’m going to ignore that you said that for the sake of time. Could we get back to the plan?”
            “It’d be nice to get back to something,” Toby murmured.
            “If it all goes to hell, run,” Finn said, prompting Gabe to continue. “Otherwise, you’re going to give the ball to Seth and hope that he leaves and that’s the last we see of him or that ball. Does that about sum it up?”
            “Brief and to the point,” Gabe grinned, clapping his brother on the shoulder. “I knew I could count on you to read through the lines. I’ll go first, you both come in second. Wouldn’t want him to shoot you before I could stop him.”
            “Wait, he’s likely to shoot us?” Toby asked his voice tight with worry.
            “He’s about as likely to shoot you as I am,” Gabe said, although Toby had to admit that he wasn’t at all comforted by that. “Stick close and everything will be fine. Are we agreed?”
            “Agreed,” Finn and Toby said in unison just as they heard the distant chimes of the bell marking the top of the hour. It was only ten and yet the deep tone sounded ominous. Gabe shook himself from the dark thought and waved Finn and Toby along to follow him, walking the last block alert for any trouble.

Word Count: 7112

Today's selection is from the first book, The Raven's Pearl (formally known as The Wizard's Pearl). Stress at school and home is making writing difficult but it's still moving, albeit slowly. I just found out I'll only be teaching two sections of Chemistry next year which makes me sad. I'm looking into other school districts but I really wish there was a way they could keep me on full time. Whatever happens, happens and I'll keep hoping for the best. Who knows - maybe one of my Queries will be snatched up and I'll have an entirely different project to work on. It could happen!

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