Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Finn

“What’s the matter?” Finn asked, breaking Toby out of his thoughts. “You look worried.”
The markings on Finn’s neck were more prominent in the daylight and that added another burden to Toby’s shoulders. What had he done to his best friend? It was impossible to know as no human had ever worn the marks of a Bonded Soul. Harp hadn’t been much help, barking at him to keep his thoughts to himself instead of answering any real questions.
“It’s nothing,” Toby shrugged, not wanting to speak his thoughts out loud. “I’m tired, that’s all.”

Word Count : 3333 (Deja vu)

It's been a busy day filled with tee ball. I hope to find an hour or so to sit down and write again today. It's funny - I find more time to write when I'm at work then when I'm at home.

Thanks to all who have left such wonderful comments! I'm really enjoying this blogging challenge and meeting so many interesting minds. With one week down and three to go I'm certain there will be even more surprises and spectacular blogs to come.


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    1. Thanks for stopping by! I added a google + badge to the site if you were still interested in following. I looked up the google friends connect widget and wiki said that google has discontinued that service for newer blogs. Such is my luck...