Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Ordinary

“So, am I right to assume that Henri is still running his school?” Aidan continued, changing the topic quickly.
“Of course,” Justin sighed, shaking his head. “Just when I think one has left us he takes on another pupil. Laurie is in the back right now. He’s made a bit of a mess with the oven, as you can see.”
Justin gestured to his shirt that was covered in black streaks. Finn caught Toby’s eye and the two started to laugh. After the last few days and the stress they had been under, the ordinary way that Justin spoke about a messy kitchen sent them into peals of laughter.
“It looks as though you’ve started a school yourself,” Justin observed, watching as the two boys attempted to pull themselves back under control.
“Not a school, actually,” Aidan replied, putting his hand on Toby’s shoulder. “This is my son, Toby, and his friend, Finnean.”

Word Count: 5684 (So close!)

Working up to the last rehearsal before Opening Night (hey, another O word!). It's made finding time to write a little difficult but I managed to squeeze in a few words today. I think I need to change my final word count goal. If I can hit 10k by the end of this month I will consider myself a winner (especially with everything going on in my life). Even one more word is a word I didn't have yesterday.

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