Works in Progress

Revenge Ghost, Inc.
(started November 2013 - NaNoWriMo)
Thirty-something Steve is out of work, out of love, and out of time to pay next months rent. He takes the first job offered to him as a temp in an oddly named agency called Revenge Ghost, Inc. He's thrust into a supernatural world where his job is to take revenge on poor souls who have been unlucky enough to cross RG's path. Will Steve be able to survive to become more than just an intern and live up to his business card title of "Hella Evil"? Or is he doomed to meet the same terrible fate as those of his "clients"? 

The Raven's Pearl
(started November 2012 - NaNoWriMo)
In the town of Cafall, evil waits. The Pearl has once again emerged to wreck havoc on the land of Eirre. When it falls into the unsuspecting hands of Gabriel, Finn and Toby, the three boys find themselves in the middle of a decades long battle. Thankfully, the boys aren't alone.Guiding them along the journey are two Wizards - Luna and Aidan, and a Werecat named Harp who discovers that Toby looks far more familiar than any other human. Will they be able to deliver the Pearl safely to the city of Donegall? Or will the evil lurking inside the Pearl ensnare them in its wickedness?
(68,000 words - in progress)

(started July 2013)
Lucy is a scientific breakthrough. She is the first of a new catalogue of Genners - Genetically Altered Organisms, manufactured and owned by the Helix corporation. Geneticists have discovered a safe and harmless way of splicing desirable genes found in nature into human embryos. Lucy looks like a typical teenage girl but thanks to modern technology, her body produces firefly luminescence. In short, she glows. But trouble is lurking in Helix Corp and soon Lucy's life becomes expendable. Is the world ready for designer babies of the most extreme kind? Or will she find out the hard way how difficult it is to be a modern day Frankenstein?

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