Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Caspian

“He’s back,” he said simply, hoping that the tremors stayed out of his voice.
“Which he?” Her voice was serious. Good, perhaps she would listen to him for once.
The name made Jesse visibly whiten and she sat down on the dusty chair that was thankfully just behind her. “No,” she said, shaking her head slowly. “He can’t be. He’s dead. That’s what Luna and Aidan said; that’s what Henri told us.”
“He believed two country wizards whose loyalties are questionable. It doesn’t matter. David believes he is alive and you know the lengths he will go to find him.”
“Just because the Magistrate thinks Caspian is alive doesn’t mean that he is,” Jesse reasoned, even though to Alex it sounded as if she was in denial. “If he was alive all these years we would have heard something.”
“I’m not entirely sure about that,” Alex said with a frown. “He is a Cat, after all. They take care of their own.”

Word Count: 1639

Still plugging away! I'm behind but the flow is slowly coming back. Plus, I'm starting to get the feel for the direction this book will go. I find it interesting that it's started out with Caspian being spoken about in hushed tones. Something tells me that what I thought was the Fall in the last book is really only the beginning of the story.


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    1. Some days are better than others but a few words a day should keep me (somewhat) on track.

  2. great story beginnings! and love the mysterious name caspian!

    1. I've always loved the name. So glad I can put it to good use.