Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Gates

Toby wondered if the gates weren’t meant to keep invaders out but to keep the citizens of Donegall in. It was a sobering thought as they reached the gates. The black iron bars felt foreboding as they passed beneath them. He stifled a shiver as he walked into the circle of the city. Four large statues stood guarding four archways, each leading to a different section of the city. It was difficult to tell but the statues looked as though they were people - two male, two female and one a young girl. There was something else as well. It was as though Toby could feel someone watching them closely. He stopped and stared at the stone figures, his gaze stopping at the young girl. There was an expression on her face that Toby couldn’t place. At first he thought it might be a small smile, as though the statue held a hidden secret but as he watched the face contorted into a look of great pain and her lips were twisted to hold back a silent scream.

Word Count: 3528

It's the beginning of the day! I'm hoping to break 4000 before I leave work today. If all goes as planned (which it rarely does) I should meet it easily.

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