Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Shivers

The laughter started then, mean and cruel as he felt hands push him back hard. It wasn’t physical pain but something deeper, more visceral that radiated through him. There was someone else inside of him but where? And how could he have let this happen? He prided himself on being so careful, always on the look out for the wrong sort who were out to hurt him or his brother. He hadn’t realized that the person he had to look out for was inside him all along.

But it wasn’t him. He couldn’t think like that no matter what thoughts were rushing through his mind. Even in his most violent tempers he never considered harming his brother. Finn was the only family he had left and he’d be damned if he let anyone, let alone himself, destroy that. If it wasn’t him, then what was causing him to act like a monster?

The answer came as soon as he opened his mouth. The voice sent shivers down his spine and Gabriel reeled, pulling his own self as far away from the Other as possible. The words that the creature spoke were not his own and for the first time since he was a child Gabe felt real fear. Images ran together and it felt as though he had tried to close his eyes, stop his ears - not wanting to hear or feel anything that was going on. He only just felt the blow to his head, the pain radiating numbly through his body before he slipped happily into the darkness of unconsciousness.

He wasn’t alone. It was in this dark place that he met the Other. He wanted to run, to put as much distance between himself and the creature as possible but chains sprang out of the dark void and wrapped themselves around him. He was trapped in his own mind and no amount of shouting would save him. The creature’s rasping laughter filled the space around him and he could feel hot tears sliding down his face. Gabe had always prided himself on his strength and courage but those failed him now. All he had left was the hope that he wouldn’t be forgotten. That someone would find him and give him the ability to fight back. He latched onto that thought and it kept him from slipping into despair.

He clenched his teeth together, repeating the words that gave him hope over and over again until it drowned out all other sound.

This is my body. This is my mind. I will stop you.

Word Count: 6925

I've finished the prologue and moved back to Chapter 3. I'll need a few more words today to be back on track. I took a bit of a break this past weekend but it was well deserved.

Spring Fever has definitely hit my students. Notes on Chemical Bonds have sent them into giggle fits. It's either excitement for prom (which is this weekend) or information overload. Either way, it's definitely time for summer. I'm ready, they're ready - oh yeah. It's time.

33 days left! (I think that should be my new count down)

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  1. Hi, just dropping by on the AtoZ challenge. You're brave to put up stories!!