Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Raven

All four races lived together in harmony along with the ancient Wyrms who lived high in the mountains. As time moved on, however, the fickle nature of Taia’s magic soon arose as humans began to view their magic far superior than the creatures around them. Soon war erupted between the god’s chosen, casting each race apart. The races became so engrossed in the fighting that they soon forgot the gods who had blessed them. It was then that a human wizard rose to power and proclaimed himself creator of Eirre and ruler of the Cradle of the Mountains. He declared himself Jax, the one true deity and that all other beings came after him and because of him. He was a cruel leader and his name resulted in waves of panic throughout the four races.
            As Jax’s followers grew in number, the Four gods knew that it was time to act. They met together, speaking for three days and three nights. On the fourth day, it was decided that four individuals from each of the chosen races would be called together. The Raven, the Cat, the Wolf and the Wizard – their names now lost in time – were given a Pearl by the Four gods to act as a perfect vessel in which to bind the wizard. Asen, Ger, Hek and Taia had each sacrificed their own living power to create the Pearl. They would exist as spirits, no longer able to influence the four races directly.
            The four chosen were to make their own sacrifice to trap the false god Jax in the Pearl. The Raven, the Cat, the Wolf and the Wizard would give of themselves to seal Jax, locking him forever in the Pearl. The Cat, the Wolf and the Wizard were willing to follow their gods but at the last moment, the Raven turned away. The seal became imperfect and the three were instantly destroyed leaving only the Pearl, Jax’s corrupted power seeping from the seals, and the Raven.
            The Raven, heartbroken at his own cowardice, took it upon himself to take the Pearl and protect it from any who would seek to claim its power. There the Pearl remains and there the Raven sits.

Word Count: 6522

Last night was opening night for my show, Nunset Boulevard. It was fantastic! My word count suffered but I think my book will forgive me. Last night was just what I needed. After the highly stressful week, being on stage was such a mood booster. I'm looking forward to tonight's performance. It will be a welcome distraction.

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  1. Neat story. Congratulations on your opening night! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening!