Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Magic

“There are magical items in here?” Finn asked, glancing to look at Toby beside him. He knew exactly what Finn was thinking - if the antique shop was haven for magical objects then perhaps there was something in here that could help Gabe. It wasn’t far-fetched. They were here to ask for Henri’s help, after all.
“Aye,” Aidan nodded. “And Henri sometimes forgets to move the more touchy objects to the back room. Just keep your wits about you in here.”
Finn shifted closer to Toby as they walked through the cluttered aisle, doing their best to keep their bodies from touching even the most innocuous item. To Toby, the entire store looked like someone’s living room. There were tables and chairs set up as though they were inviting him to take a seat. Lamps of all shapes and colors were strewn around the room, some with strange bits of speckled glass in their shades. Old armoirs and bedroom chests were pressed up against the walls hiding secrets behind their dark wooden doors. The entire room had a musty, ancient smell and in between the normal detritus of household things there appeared to be hidden gems tucked into corners that only the most observant would notice.

Word Count: 5040

 Whew! Made it over the 5k mark and the beginning of Chapter 3! It's been a bit of a rollercoaster in my personal life. I'm currently sitting at home with a sick kiddo. On the bright side, at least I can work on the story - maybe, perhaps, if I'm lucky. My goal is to get to the next thousand word mark by tomorrow. Drum roll please...


  1. You're doing both the Challenge and Camp NaNo? I'm impressed.
    After watching the show Warehouse 13, I know that any of those items could be magical artifacts.

  2. I'm rolling for you. Detritus - what a word. You know it's kind of freaky, our blogs look very similar and I did Magic too :)

  3. It sounds as if you;re working pretty hard to reach your goal. I wish I was as motivated.