Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kind

It’s because they sense me.
Toby jumped and had to stop himself from turning his head around when he heard the voice. Caspian had been silent until now and he wasn’t quite used to the knowledge that he wasn’t the only person in his own head.
What do you mean? Toby thought. How could they sense you?
They don’t like Cats. Their kind never has, to tell the truth. I was afraid of this when I realized we were heading to Donegall.
Their kind?
Toby watched as the people walked by, looking to see if there was any difference in their appearance. There was nothing that indicated they were a different race other than humans. A young woman holding a small girl’s hand drifted past and Toby grinned, giving the small girl a wave. The young woman looked up at him before pulling the girl away, crossing to the other side of the street. It was then that he saw it - the flash of gold irises in the woman’s eyes. There was only one race that had those markings.

Word Count: 4004

Happy Friday! I think it's redundant to say it's been a busy week. Next week it will be even crazier! The good thing is I've been keeping up with the blogging and that is an accomplishment. One thing at a time.


  1. This is a cute way to do the A to Z! I may have to steal your idea next year so I can get my word count up while still getting my A to Z in!

    Congrats on your awesome word counts! Good luck w/the rest of Camp Nano! :)

  2. Hey Cath, thanks for dropping by my blog.
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