Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Wizard's Pearl on LeanPub

I've been doing some thinking (dangerous, I know) and some research. I'm still pursuing a literary agent for The Wizard's Pearl, however, I've discovered that generating a want and need for the story is as important as publishing credentials. Publishers do not want to take a gamble on someone who has never been published and is a general unknown.

And so, I've been posting the Wizard's Pearl on different websites in order to generate buzz. Currently, the entire novel is available on Authonomy . I have also begun to e-publish the book using Leanpub - an e-publisher that protects first printing rights and allows authors to generate interest while the book is still in progress. My plan is to keep the novel available on Authonomy until mid-April at which point I will shorten it to a selection and move the book over to Leanpub.

What does this mean for readers? For now, the book is available for free through Authonomy. It can be viewed in chapters online and comments/critiques can be posted. Once the book is moved, a small fee will be attached to reading the entire book ($0.99 to start) and a selection will be available at Authonomy. Comments/critiques can still be made and are always welcome.

The benefit of using Leanpub is that it creates a polished copy that readers can download in a variety of different formats: .pdf , .epub, .mobi. This allows the book to be downloaded to e-readers, tablets, iphones without needing to be connected to the internet. The copies can be shared with friends and recommended to others which will hopefully increase the readership.

Is this a grand undertaking? Perhaps, but it seems as though many agents and publishers want to know that an author is dedicated to working on their novel and marketing it as much as possible. I have a very good feeling about The Wizard's Pearl. All I need is that one person to say yes. Maybe lots of people can lead to that one person who will help me take the next step into print.

The website for LeanPub is: https://leanpub.com/thewizardspearl

At the moment, the landing page merely has information regarding the book and generating interest. Feel free to drop your email address if you'd like to be updated when the book becomes available.

In the meantime, I begin working on The Dragon's Circle April 1st. I will be posting my progress here on the blog and selections will be posted every day that I take one more step closer to my ultimate goal of 65,000 words.

Feel free to cheer me on!

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